Guys...Who are you more likely to approach: the gorgeous girl or the cute girl?

I know it sounds like a dumb question but I hardly ever get approached by guys and I am always told by my male friends that I don't get approached because I look unattainable or intimidating because of how I look...

So guys, if you saw two gorgeous and not gorgeous per se but still cute...who would you approach?


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  • Well, without really being able to answer your quesetion because it's a little bit too black and white, I will say that your guy friends are not lying. Dressing up and being hot can bring a sort of sexual power but that can work against you. It sounds counter-intuitive because being powerful should get people to want you, and it does, but it also scares away people because they're afraid you'll find them "weak" (lacking in the sexual power that you've got).

    I do know that when I ask out gorgeous girls, I find that they get approached awkwardly a lot but they don't get asked out on a real level and really, they're glad I asked them out. You don't have to live with beauty working againt you, though. Just expect people to be a bit intimidated and take responsibility for making the first move and being friendly. You'll get approached a lot more than ANY girl that way. ;)

    • This really helps because I've noticed that guys check me out but they never approach. I think I will try making the first move and see what happens. Thanx. :)

    • Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work at first! In general, people are timid and you will have to find a way to slowly ease into stuff. I mean you're not used to it because you're a hot girl, but from a guy who used to be pretty gangly looking (not anymore thankfully haha) it takes work before you can get it right.

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  • The problem with your question is that "gorgeous" and "cute" are irrelevant if both girls are still good looking.

    Between two attractive girls, I'm going for the one who looks like she's less of a bitch.

    And upon observation, I've found that this has very little to do with how attractive I find the girl.

    Some girls just look like they have their walls up.

    • Wow. You make really good points. Maybe my confidence comes across as more "bitch" than I am aware or...

  • I approach girls who are cute normaly gorgeous girls intimidate me lol.


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