Please answer based on my info?

I know the facts but let's facr it everybody's different. So dont just loop me into that group and give me "Dont do that!" Answers.

Anyway a year ago i had ombre hair brown and caramel. I wanted to a bubble gum thing and dye my hair pink and i did. A while later i was going to nyc and decided to dye my hair black to cover the pink. (To get my hair pink i dyed it blonde. I bought a blonde box and Just blonded my hair. Then i used a pink dye and yeah.) Well my roots are showing and theyre much lighter than black. I used a 40 developer and left it on my hair for 2 hrs (i ended up falling asleep) and only my roots turned bleached blonde) i went to sallys beauty and got "the best" color lifter and hAve done 4 trials of it. Nothing really. Im not a black hair beauty... i have a dark brown, caramel, light brown... some black highlights. Its very highlighted. It looks good. But i wanted medium golden blonde. Can i just dye my hair? Can i put medium golden blonde over my dark brown? Will it show up at all?


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  • Yes it should show up