Why is it that some guys only care about looks?

Ok I don't get it ..why is it that some guys only care about looks ? Like even if a pretty girl is just a hurtful b*itch a guy will sometimes(not always) like her..why is that some men only care about looks..and even once they find out that the personality of the girl is rotten they still stick around just 4 da hell of it?


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  • Those guys are probably only after one thing. Of course all guys are after that one thing, but some will put up with whatever it takes if the chick is hot enough. I mean there is a pretty good reason as to why guys are referred to as 'Dicks', because that's what we think with.

  • I just saw your other question and I think you are freaking out for no reason. You are only 16 you are still so young you have plenty of time for boys in your life. I understand you want a boyfriend but you are coming off as extremely desprate. And looking at your other question that some people think you're a bitch I can see why. Don't yell at us and flip out over it. There is nothing wrong with being who you are. Not all guys are like that and it seems that you are just picking the wrong kind of guys then. But if you act like this towards them then I can see why they don't like you. Stop being insecure. The only way other people will ever like you is if you first like yourself. Nobody likes someone who whines all the time...

    • Im just saying..and I've had plenty of boyfriends its just that thier all jerks so maybe that's what's bothering me

    • Just look for other kinds of guys then. Don't date jerks. While it may be fun for a while it always ends up as him being too much of an asshole. You should try looking for nicer guys. There are plenty of them out there.

    • I generally agree. Maybe not the way it was said but he's right.


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