What do you prefer girls?

Longsleeves or short sleeve regular t-shirts? Do you like to show your arms? Why? Do you enjoy looking at other people arms?


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  • I like long sleeves because I have long skinny arms and I feel the sleeves hide them.
    But to heck with that in any weather above 60 degrees!

    • I totally agree with you. Girls with stronger/more buff arms look better in short-sleeved t-shirts than skinny girls. The skinny ones should hide them. Don't you think so? What's your observations?

      What about skinny guys? Would you like them to wear short-sleeved?

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    • Which one is better built? Are you sporty girls? Do you consider yourselves attractive?

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  • i like both. i usually wear short sleeve t shirts though. long sleeve shirts can be too hot

  • I don't think it matters , but muscle shirts are the way to go , for guys.


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