Girls: what's the best foundation and concelers that DOESN'T set at all?

Right now I use Mary Kay (which I don't like at all but have to wait until I can buy something better) but that sets and gets much darker and makes me look grey. So what's the best foundation and concealer I can use that doesn't set at all, that stays exactly the same and still looks good throughout the day. I heard Mac has pretty good makeup but I don't know if that sets or should would Revlon or Maybelline work well?

Thanks! :-)


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  • Revlon works well, concealer, foundation and powders alike are all fantastic. That's my go-to brand for that. Maybelline is better for mascaras and eye shadows. Mary Kay is really only good for their moisturizers and primers. Elf is good if you need a cheap brand, at least in my experience. Be careful with their eye shadows though because they tend to crease. Covergirl is okay--but the foundations tend to make skin really oily, so if you use a rice powder pad and some of the loose powder it covers it up. You just gotta be sure you take it off before bed.


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  • O thought revlon was more like mascara amd stuff like that. And with maybelline, I never really found my shade, it's always like a dark white, not really brown, like my undertones aren't taken into consideration. But I started using Black Opal even true foundation and it looks azong throughout the day and it's made exclusively for brown girls so you'll find your shade. Also, it doesn't set and when you start going on 7 hours you'll look dewey, not oily! But of you do wanna go more high end, clinique is the best for whatever criteria you want them to meet.