Guys do you prefer straight hair curly hair or for it to be up?

Just wondering what do you think is better and what do you prefer do you care?


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  • curly hair means cute girl but straight hair means powerful and sexy girl.

    • I don't usually take the time to curl mine I don't mind the look but I just love the look of straight hair for some reason and I totally agree with you

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  • I like strait hair and I like it down. I know its supposed to be formal with your hair up but I don't see it that way.

    • Yeah I don't see hair being up as formal either and nice I have always like mine to be straight and hardly put it up lol just don't like the look much I don't curly my hair much

  • Whichever style looks best on that girl. And change the style every once in a while. Keep your look interesting.

    • Thanks yeah true enough I guess everyone looks better with different hair styles

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