Advice on skateboarding?

I really want to get in touch with my "inner skater" but I have no idea where to start. I've always been fascinated why the skateboarding style. I have an old skateboard that I found a while back, but it's not suitable to learn to skate with. I have a longboard that my ex boyfriend bought me but its too big for me to ride so I'm getting rid of it. I also have a penny board but that's too small for me to learn on. Until I get rid on my longboard and skateboard, my mom isn't going to let me buy a cruiser board that I really want. Also, how would I "dress" like a skater? The main thing I can thing of its to wear clothes from places like "Zumiez" and such.


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  • Well as for getting in touch with your inner skater, you should probably start out simple and then find some tutorials on how to do skater tricks. I don't really know what else to offer other than just to start to skate and practice.
    I ripstick, so I'm not entirely familiar with the skateboarding but the two must be somewhat similar.

    As for the clothes I can probably help you more there. ;)

    Some ideas for clothing styles could be:

    Flannel looks great and can be really comfy. Hoodies also work well! If you really want the look of a skater find what fits and is comfortable for you.
    Baseball caps and beanie hats always work well.
    Get a pair of skater shoes if you haven't yet done so. As for just for the style you can always try converse or a pair of vans.

    Places you can shop at for these are wild fang, urban outfitters, roxy, Abercrombie and Fitch, and hot tropic. Maybe even get your favorite band shirt or something too.
    Just some other clothing keys to think of is wear comfy things. And I know that you skate but if other people don't they might think you are a poser, so live up to what you want to be, that being a skater.

    Sorry if I wasn't as much help for the advice part!


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  • I highly recommend to always wear a helmet to protect your head and knee pads and elbow pads


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