How do I get a guy to like me?

What should I wear? How should I act?


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  • Never put on an act or change who you are to get a guy..
    Otherwise he's gonna want the fake you, not the real you.

    Be yourself! Show some skin and be flirty sure.. But you don't need to reinvent yourself :)

  • My sweet, lets turn your question around... how should a guy (you may not like) work to get you to like him? Would you expect him to put a spell on you to like him? How about wear those hot tight jeans which get the girls smiling all the time? The truth is you CAN'T make anyone like you. The one thing you can do is be nice. Really nice. Not just to him but everyone. Not a walk over but genuinely nice. You can take care of your body, workout, eat well, get on top of your studies, grow confidence in areas which you know you're good at. I would also add (of you are Christian, reading the Bible every day and listening to John MachArthur, Only then will you be truly irresistable to any guy. I get along with many guys and I'm married. I see guys who are single try to come onto me eventhough I have only one I love and am committed to. I used to be quite annoyed in the past since going shopping would be deflated by men who would wait fo me outside of clothes stores seeking to get my number. As if to say I was supposedly selling sex. In churches, women would overemphasize their problem with single me stating that if I don't get married, I'd be left with men with used goods. I would retort stating that I did not want to marry just any man. I met my husband before my 29th birthday. I am so happy for meeting him despite awful experiences before hand. I would wish I could have avoided all the nonsense scenarios but I made those choices at the time. We forgive ourselves and move on.

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