I want to dye my hair medium blonde, ,, I have dark brown hair as in my picture.. will it turn lighter with blonde shades in my hair?

I got brown eyes Will it match? Would it make me look good? I really want it to change my dark hair color cuz I hate it,, would it turn my hair look with blonde shades? I'm gonna use Revlon ColorSlick luminista (medium blonde) help plzzz


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  • okay, I'm a natural dirty blonde, and I can tell you it will be very difficult to go from dark brown to blonde. You will need to get it professionally lightened gradually.

    It usually takes 3 or 4 times before you actually reach the desired colour ($100 each time, $400 total approximately).

    After you become blonde, you will need to maintain it by getting root touch ups every 3 months. This will be another $60.

    Also, you have dark eyes and I think brown eyes look better with brown hair :) Just be willing to put in a lot of effort, time, and money

  • I think you would look better with a deeper shade of red hair. I think that would look really good on you