Why do girls always want a "Dangerous" man?

Like the great Foxworthy said, a "dangerous" man is one you'll show up on Cops with while screaming "lock him up! " Why not go for a caring, sweet, intelligent guy?


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  • I have always gone for the caring, sweet, & intelligent guy. Much more my style. Now my sister goes for the dangerous guys and she isn't doing too well. I'm single, but I am happy with the choices I have made with the men I have been involved in.


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  • A lot of girls don't want a dangerous man. A lot want a sweet, intelligent, caring guy. But they are just as hard to find as girls are. Believe me, I have had my share of dates. 25 in the last 2 years probably. All with different guys. And they were all scum. If they didn't try to screw on the first date, then it was saying something inappropriate about sex or doing something dumb like forgetting his wallet at home. So. Nice girls are out there. They are just a little harder to find

    • Well, that's a little harsh. I understand girls are very critical of guys on the first date but you gotta give guys a break. I'm a little doubtful that out of 25 guys ALL were scum. I understand getting 3 pieces of scum and the rest of them just didn't fit you but I would at least expect 1 or 2 guys that are plausable stuff.

      Well. But on the other hand looking at the population of my high school the amount of scum is astonishing. So I guess finding nice guys is a little hard to find.

    • Uh, well forgetting his wallet at home is not dumb. It happens. I'm sure you've forgotten things on a date before. If you pay, and he doesn't at least offer to cover it later, well that is a different story. However, him forgetting it alone simply isn't enough to judge a guy on. It's a simple mistake.

  • Whoever told you about girls mostly wanting dangerous men lied to you because I haven't met one girl like that. I prefer a caring, sweet, and intelligent type of guy, you can actually have a future with them.


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  • I would have to agree with what the ladies have been telling you. However if you look at their age there are a bit older and are wanting to settle down and have a future with a nice guy. I think the really young girls are not sure what they want and you see them most of the time with those jerks. Hang in there, if you are a nice guy it will pay off in the long run. Hang in there