If a an upstart apparel company sent you a free shirt or for a girl booty shorts and asked you to model them post pics on social media would you?

If a an upstart apparel company sent you a free shirts, tank tops hoodies or for girls booty shorts sports bras and crop tops; then asked you to model them post pics on social media tagging the company and inturn being featured on their sites would you? there's the possibility that you'd become a featured girl or guy for them and more free clothing in the future. Would you do it?


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  • I definitely would if I liked the clothes

    • Totally understand though it would be more about the name brand logo than the actual style but some of the croptops and Ts and tanks for females are going to be cross knotted, it would also be encouraged modified shirts to the models own style as long as the Logo shows s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...e0d23ff137.jpg

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    • That's just an example of how the models could mod their clothes its strictly up to them idc as long as the logo shows.
      I'm just gaging the interest and willingness of individuals to participate whilst getting free clothing lol

    • We'll see I like modeling clothes and recent purchases on my Instagram. Generally it's brands I like and I don't get anything for it but if I like the style and its free id def be down (and I have almost 1k followers)

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  • Maybe but I don't think I'd ever be picked for something like that. The topic actually reminds me of this guy on okcupid who told me I was beautiful and should "model" for him on Skype lol, even though he probably says that to all vulnerable girls. He claimed to be a "lingerie, swimwear and erotic photographer". Right...

    • You were right to be wary.

    • Well his pic was really cute and I assume that was actually him since he wanted to vid chat. So I was tempted but I don't know I feel too gross.

    • Yeah that sounds like a total scumbag tbh. Also don't sell yourself short, I think you'd totally would be picked :).

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