Clothes for a Formal Dance

Well I've got a formal dance coming up and there is one thing that drops the f bomb on my plans, the word FORMAL. My definition is my hiking sneakers,my favorite hoodie, a t-shirt and some shorts. Apparently we can't go if we don't wear a friggin tux so how am I suppose to deal with this other than not going which has been going through my mind.


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  • lacoste white shoes, black dress pants and white shirt, unbuttoned. it's formal but casual too.


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  • lol guys look soo good in formal! lol anyways

    make fun of it maybe and wear a bow tie, colored suspenders (on your shoulders or hanging down...whichever you want [I prefer hanging down]) and white shoes...



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  • Ok so I wrote this entire reply and then looked up and saw that it was from 10 months ago. I'm not letting my wrk go to waste tho so here =P

    As a guy who has a full separate closet for formal clothes ranging from khakis to tuxes (not going to go into details but I need them often for events.) If you're not big on formal wear just take a deep breath. I'm guessing the event is black tie considering you're saying tuxes are necessary.. Don't bother with the color's and anything too flamboyant, just go with the classic tux. There's a reason it's called that you know; it never goes out of style and you won't draw attention to yourself as long as you wear the tux proudly (if you're too shy and fidgety in the tux and let it wear you you'll draw a negative vibe). If you wear it well and happily years from now people will look back and still think you looked good.. then they'll look over at the guy in the red tux and laugh as they wonder what he was thinking =P

    don't believe me? check it out and ask yourself which one will draw more attention and which one looks more clean cut, sophisticated, elegant, mature, whatever you'd like to call it.

    classic tux -> link

    red tux -> link

    Note if the event's black tie optional you have more freedom (you can just wear a regular suit and even then if you're new I'd stick to the classic black suit, white shirt, black tie.)

    Oh also.. for a tux.. If it's your first time I'd avoid a 3 piece (the vests) because depending on the person they can be be annoying/restrictive/ just not work with your body type.

    Have fun!