Are pantyhose still worn today?
If so is it only black colour worn?

Naturally girls only :)

  • I don't wear them ever...
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  • I do but black only
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  • I do but nude/tan only
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  • I do, but another colour.. Please list below :)
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  • I wear them all sorts of colors for different reasons or wear I'm going rather... of its more business or something I only wear black nude or dark silver/ gray... But I have all sort of colors I wear weather permitting like I will wear purple with my purple kicks short jean skirt maybe a white shirt & fun big or lots of little accessories it all depends all your style I guess... I live in NY and I do see a lot of people wearing them of all ages.

    • That's cool... I'm In Ireland and none of my friends wear them. I like them.. All colours and styles :)

  • I wear pantyhose almost everyday, BF loves it when I wear them.

  • I never understood why most women dislike them so much? To me they are both a fashion statement and "makeup for the legs"