GIRLS: any tips for makeup? Smokey eye?

Okay, I've been working on my smokey eye. And I wanted to know if you ladies have any tips for me. Any colors or makeup brands you really like for it? Any small details or just any little tips what so ever?

Best answer gets MHO. Or creative. Or suggestive.


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  • Natural :D subtle eyeliner with light smokey eye and mascara is usually best lol but you are beutiful btw!!

  • Naked pallets are great, but any neutral colors work! I've learn using matte colors look better and more classy in my opinion!

    • I like matte. Only prob is I don't know where half my makeup is and it's a bit more money. Right now I'm trying my best but I'm working with elf... how do I make that work?

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    • Yeah, I've been watching a lot for a while. Now I think I'm finally ready to do it! And I'm soo excited. (: but any tips on what NOT to do?

    • Don't use colors that are too dark! That's one think a lot of people do which kinda ruins the whole smoky eye! Good luck!