Can I make a claim?

I was on a bus yesterday when a car crashed into the back of the bus. I went forward and back in my seat. Now I have got a lot of neck pain. I went to the hospital today and they told me that I had whiplash and a neck sprain. Would I be able to make a claim for this? Would it be successful if I did make a claim?

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  • You must talk to a personal injury attorney in your jurisdiction (a lot have free consultation).
    He can best advise you.
    Anyone that answers your question without knowing he is a licensed attorney in your state (assuming you're in the US) is committing a crime called unauthorized practice of law.

  • I'm sure you can although it won't get your neck any better.
    Here whre I live, I dont know the other countries, if a car crashes into another from behind, the fault is from the one who crashed from behind, and they have to sign papers.