I'm going to a basketball game tonight and I don't know what to wear?

Hi, tonight I'm going to a basketball game with my boyfriend of 2 weeks. I don't know what to wear and I'm kinda nervous! I don't want to look too fancy or too casual! I'm shorter I'm 5'4 and I'm 14. I have blondish brown hair and amber eyes I'm not very tan. and I'm on the skinner side. My schools colors are White, Blue and Black. And it's kinda cold outside although the games inside the gym. I want to make my butt look a little bigger since I'm more petite. Please help me the games in 3 and a half hours


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  • Blue jeans for sure! Then maybe your favorite t-shirt with a coat over top that you can take off once inside

  • I suggest a nice turtle neck top and nice jeans. Footwear depends on the weather.


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