Girls, are pantyhose like these still popular today?

Today I noticed a collegue wearing pantyhose like these, and realized that when I was young you often saw these examples with large patterns. Especially on young girls.

But it must have been years ago since I had last seen a girl wearing one. Are other models/patterns more popular today?
Just curious!

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What Girls Said 10

  • The last time those were in fashion was probably the 80's.

    • Haha it's really funny how diverse the answers are!
      In some countries there seems to be a come back of those. But here in Belgium as well, I had not seen them for a decade or so until I noticed my collegue wearing them. Inspiring the question haha :-)

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    • Haha yes, those are popular in China and Japan...

    • When was the year of the dragon again? Hahaha!
      In the recent past I think :-)

  • They're not that common anymore but I think they can be cute if worn right. If not worn right they have the potential to be tacky.

  • When I wore tights I used to wear ones like that :') I really liked tights, actually. It and lingerine are the only women's section clothes I would consider wearing, actually, outside of shoes. They always made me feel very special :)

    • these tights are actually pretty common where I live I would say. I see them a lot. I'm from Northern Ireland.

    • Haha, they do. Generally, when the girl also likes them, I like outfits with tights.
      One of the nicest colour combinations I ever saw was a Scottish tartan tight fitting skirt, with black tights and pumps.
      Saw it on our tour guide in a whisky factory in Scotland. Never forgot, it was one of the most attractive overall looks I ever saw.

    • Haha you added your comment just before my reply... thanks for that :-)
      It may be regionally tinted. Here in Belgium, until my collegue wore them, it was like 5 or more ago that I had seen such pattern.

  • I personally prefer bare leg but if I am going to wear any kind of hosiery it is going to be a black, thigh high. Just one girls opinion.

    • Haha just one girls opinion but the opinion is appreciated of course :-)
      Bare leg or thigh highs, you won't make the guys unhappy for sure!

  • They're old fashioned but I do think they are making a come back.

  • No. Less is more now.

    • I see, always interesting to dive into the ladies' world :-)
      I agree: flowers are for the garden, a nice sheer pantyhose or one with a simple pattern looks nicer on a girl than these curtains hahaha!

    • lol yeah. More sophisticated that way

  • I have a pair like that but never wear them.

    • Hahaha I recognize that, with pairs of shoes it also works like that?
      Perhaps try them out tomorrow and see if your "fans" like it :-)

  • I only wear black and skin tone. no patterns :)

    • Thanks Mei!
      I find it beautiful when a girl wears them but as you say, simple is better.
      Paintings are for museums haha :-)

  • I like them and own some like them.

    • Aha so the come back could be confirmed!
      Do you also have the impression that for some time they were hardly visible around?
      Though you're living far away... perhaps trends in Australia have been different from Europe :-)

    • They're not 'on trend', I just like them.

    • Sure if they look nice with your favourite outfits, wear them. No guy will look away, fur sure :-)

  • Among today's young generation of women I don't think so.

    • Some girls thought there was a come back... but I don't have a clue.
      Though I find it more attractive when a girl wears the simpler ones, with a modest or no pattern. Not the ones with half a forest worth of flowers on their hose haha :-)

What Guys Said 1

  • They were good. I use to watch girls wearing them when I was 6 yo, and I liked them.

    • I like the sheer ones more, curtains are for windows and flowers for the garden haha :-)
      And it's nice that on GAG you can speak to girls about such things. Interesting!

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    • Exactly, we got same taste in fashion and comfort. :-)

    • We do. And I deliberately add another comment to be in the live feet... I mean feed. Sorry typo inspired by this question :-)

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