Date Tonight. Ladies, is this a good outfit?

I have a date tonight. In an hour and a half... here is my outfit for tonight:

This entire top (brown jacket, white button-up and black tie):

These jeans (slightly darker);

These boots:

And this cologne:

Do you think this is a good outfit for a date?

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I've been told it looks good before (by older women... moms XD)... but I was just curious.
Really? 3 dislikes? Maybe I should just dress the way I did in high school with baggy clothes and smelling like sardines everyday XD


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  • I like the jacket and boots but not the jeans. You might be able to pull it off if you are persian or have light skin but if you are dark skinned you should wear darker pants because they will match your skin better.


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  • I like the look, yes; it would probably look good on most guys.

  • Yes it is a very good look, although I'm not too sure on the boots maybe dress shoes maybe better but thats just my personal preference and if its a first date the boots maybe better, its a very handsome and hot look, very mature

  • Take a picture of yourself so we can see! Sometimes it's hard to tell, because some can pull off that look and some can't.

  • Skip the boots, and you'll be ready to go!


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