Does beauty spoil?

One of my best friends is a very beautiful girl, she is a traffic stopper! a goddess, speaks 5 languages, her IQ is > 150, very funny and kind (the kind that can die to save a cat, she brings a lot of troubles because of that actually). Well the thing about her is that she was an ugly teen, I mean really ugly: acne, bad haircut, big nose, glasses, skinny - in one word DORKY. Now she never go out with handsome guys, NEVER! She says if he is handsome he is a jerk. Although she is attracted to good looking men I can see it. I told her she is rejecting guys because of their good looks it is unbelievable, unprecedented. And that in my opinion it is as bad as to reject someone because he is not handsome. I just can't get it. Something is wrong with her head! But the question is 'can the beauty spoil a person'?


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  • im taking psychology and my professor said your early childhood-teen experiences shape who you are, and dramatically impact you in your later years...i guess when youve been scarred in those stages of life, and have been hurt, you're sort of used to it, its hard to trust people again...

    i think you can may be try talking to her, tell her to give someone a chance, have her face her fears...she needs to overcome her fears, or you can suggest a psychiatrist...

    for some reason though, I think the only way she will ever overcome her fears is if a good looking guy steals her heart and has her falling weak for him...but to do that, the guy must be brave and be able to take a challenge

    • I agree with what you're saying. It can be hard to get out of your childhood associations. When I was a teenager I was a "freak" who was constantly made fun of, and now as an adult who fits in well, I still find it hard to believe people like me for me.

    • Me too! we all have these experiences =/

    • But how can I suggest to that girl to see a psychiatrist? Me, average from all points of view, saying to that brilliant girl ehh you know you are not OK? But, come to think of it, I can't see another way to overcome her fears. Will give it a try.

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  • It's her preference. Let her date who she wants. Maybe she realized that beauty is only skin deep and she wants someone whose willing to look beyond her "features". Maybe it is a bad decision to reject all handsome guys, but at least a part of her is in the right place. And thats' more than I can say for some girls who simply always date the "bad boy" type. If you ask me, her "flaw" is only minor.

  • "'can the beauty spoil a person'?"

    Yeah, but I don't think she's spoiled. She's just been hurt in the past, I'm guessing.

    • No I am not saying she is the one to be spoiled, but she thinks that if the guy is good looking he is not a good person.

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  • has she taken a legitimate test and found out that she's a genius? I really don't think her IQ is that high.

    • She did when she was in highschool, her grandfather was a mathematician, he trained her 5 h per day since she was 6. She's a got a remarquable memory (she knows the Pi number value untill 40th decimal). I don't think she is genious, but she is brilliant.

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