What do you think of red hair?

ok guys and gal's my girl Hannah dyed her hair ages ago because she wanted to go brunette , anyway she's missing her natural look and while she's away on holiday with her sister she's had a couple Of appts with a female colourist who said it was fine to redo it for Hannah and aslo managed to closely match Hannah's orignal red and now its done even speaking with her and seeing it on Skype looks amazing can't wait to see it close up.

so how many of you like girls with reddy hair?


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  • i like red hair, but not orange hair.

    • No orange hair that would look bizzare bit like purple never understood the facasination of odd colored hair

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    • ahh good. i like a more real red color. :-)

    • thanks for mh lol

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  • Like isn't strong enough. Love? Adore? CRAVE? Redheads.