For fashion experts, a hair question for the fashion-ignorant?

So for the last 10 or so years, I've kept my hair very short. Like, military short. In fact, my barber is aware of military slang and the cut is called a "high and tight".

I'm possibly considering letting my hair grow out, but my hair is naturally wavy/curly when it starts getting longer, which I HATE. Some people like the messy look, I do not.

I figure the ladies would be more likely to know, but gentlemen chime in if you have the know-how. Is it possible to get wavy/curly hair to style in a straight, slick back cut like these:

The last link is acting up... here it is. Ignore the fact that 2 of these are German soldiers from the 30's or 40's


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  • Let it grow to a point where it's not out of control and use frizz control products. It will help relax it


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