Would girls rather show than tell a guy that they like him?

What about if the guy tells her that he likes them? Would they say "I like you too." if they liked him too?


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  • well, it depends. she could, if she liked the guy and didn't want to be a challenge or anything. she could just not say anything or say she's not sure if she either wants to play hard to get or seriously isn't sure...and then it would be weird to later on say, yeah I like you too, and then, shed show him. its what I would do lol


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  • Find out his communication style and communicate in it.

    Communication styles (from Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages"):

    1. Affirmation statements;

    2. Physical touch;

    3. Acts of service;

    4. Quality time;

    5. Gift giving.

    Hope this helps.


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