What do I do with my hair?

Ok normally before school I just brush my hair, but at school I see all the girls hair and the different things they do with it! I don't know what to do, my hair isn't straight or curly its well I say its " just there" meaning nothing special just a tiny bit wavy. And its really flat and frizzy at the top. I need tips on how to help my hair and how to style it. Also its short, like right above or touching my shoulders, dark/dirty blonde.

Please help me.


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  • Oh god. I have the same prob. Mine is at work though.

    I seem to never have time in the morning to do ANYTHING but get dressed.

    Iv tried everything, and spent some time in the morning fixing my hair, but during the day, I lose the "style" and it just looks boring.

    I did buy a hair straightener/curler in one.

    I didn't think I would use it much. But after using it a couple of times, you're gona wana use it everyday. -which is really bad for your hair so don't do it.

    Anyways, on a short length like yours, Straight, or Curved at the end (to frame your face), will look good.

    Also, I recommend you have your bangs cut. Long, and swept to the side. - The type that hides like almost half of your forehead and almost one eye. That will make every do (especially yours) look classy. That way when you don't have time, you can go as is, or you can wear a pony, and still look like you have style.

    You said your hair is really flat. When you look at yourself in the mirror after you get out of bed, do you see more volume in your hair? If so, then you're in luck :) Wash your hair at night before you go to bed instead of in the morning, and the next morning, comb it a lil, and put moisturizer on the end tips of your hair, and your bangs. It's quick, and you will look good with the volume.

    Now if you HAVE to wash your hair in the mornings, then try blow drying. Then when it is all dry, put moisturizer on the tips, and some on the frizzy parts. It will give your hair a shiny look, with volume.

    As for the straightener, if you really want to look all fixed up in the morning, then use it. If you're the type who doesn't care, then use it when you go out at night, or on a date.


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  • Try Frizz Ease serum while your hair is still wet to help with frizziness. You may find that if you have naturally wavy hair you might be able to convince it to curl. Towel-dry your hair and then after combing through some light hold product, tip your head over and gently scrunch your hair to entice it to curl. Or, if you'd rather have it straight at the top and curly at the bottom, do this with your head up straight and only scrunch about halfway up.

    If this doesn't work, or you don't like it, you could try talking to your hairdresser about what sort of cut would suit your hair so that it's easy to style at home. He/She will usually be able to help you with styling tips, just be wary that they don't use it as a way to sell you a mountain of products you don't need.

    If you'd prefer to have straight hair, try borrowing a straightener from a friend (don't go out and buy one before you've tried it! ).

    A website you can try for free is: link This might help give you some ideas.

    Good luck!

  • Ok, firstly buy a good pair of straighteners. They will be WELL worth it. And as for style's. Get a hair mag and look up different styles! They are fab! In school I do my hair different nearly every day. Try this

    Monday- Down and blow dry it straight or use mouse or hairspray and just scrunch it curly. Trust me curls are sexy hair. --you wanna wear it down cause its the start of the week and its an impression.

    Tuesday- Ponytail, but a high one and let it be messy and fall out a bit then, the bits that fall out (usually bigger bits) curl them or just leave them.

    Wednesday- ever heard of a quif? Well take a wide section of your hair, the bit that's in between the middle of your eyebrows. Grab it it one bunch, brush the wee bunch of it, twist it back and then push it forward. This puffs it up and then secure it with slides or hair grips. Leave the rest down.

    Thursday-a messy just thrown up bun.

    Friday-- Down because it is the end of the week. You can be creative. Just play about the night before and see what you like.

    I usually wear my hair down on Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesdays

    Start, middle and end.

    Just you play about with your hair the night before and you will find and create your own personal style!


  • wow a lot of girls seem to have this problem try getting a body kit to add some volume and don't use cheep hair products they suck!

  • You should by a hair straightener and get it because that way you can do more things with it.