Why no corset bra for big boobs?

Why are there never any of these ↓


Available in bigger sizes than a B cup?
I would love to have one, but I've never found one that would be even close to my size :(


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  • I thought those were called bralets but those can also be something different XD

    My guess would be that they don't have enough structural support for larger cups. I bet you could make one yourself pretty easily or do something to mimic the style even easier.

    • Yeah they could be called that, I wouldn't know lol
      But they look like they would have MORE support because they reach towards the waist

    • Yeah but the band can't be a very good fit since it has to be looser to fit the torso. Most of a bra's support comes from the band.

      ~Mysteries of Fashion~

    • The band only has to be looser if the torso is also big right? But if the torso is normal but the boobs are big?

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  • You should make your own. You might find a market that is being under serve. This is how Dell Computer was founded by serving an under serve market which was mail order computers.

  • World is not perfect, we can't have everything

  • They should TOTALLY make that for girls with big boobs! They should also do the quarter-cup styles that leave the nipples on up exposed for bigger boobs!

    • Hmm I can't say I agree with the last part, but definitely with the first part hahaha!

    • LOL! Well, I've just noticed that the smaller girls get more super sexy styles like quarter cups or see through, when that would look AMAZING on girls with more to show off!

  • Wow! The problems that chicks with big boobs have! I had no idea!


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  • Pandoras Closet or try retro lingerie shops online.

    • I've tried online shops but those are more expensive especially since most are located in the US, so the shipping prise to Europe would make it way too expensive

    • Where are you?

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