Not looking for a girlfriend

I have been hooking up with this guy, and never have mentioned that I was looking for a relationship. We hooked up the other night and the next morning, out of the blue he said he was not looking for a girlfriend and my response was that I was just looking for a good time not a long time. He went on to say that we can't do that anymore. I don't understand where he came up with that when there was never any intention on my part to take it to a relationship level. I guess I am asking where or how in the world did he come up with thinking that I wanted more than a hook up?


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  • why do you care then?

    well maybe he got an ex he still like and started feeling guilty and came up with that crap.

    hard to guess with this much detail.


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  • I think most guys just think that because we're girls, if we're having sex, then we're also looking for a relationship too, or else we woundn't be having sex.

    So mabye you didn't really do anything to give him that impression, but he was just setting some boundries so that your mind doesn't take a relationship/romance fantasy dive and feelings don't get hurt.

    At least be thankful he's man enough to tell you like that and be honest, rather than just leave it open. At least now you both know where you stand.