Anyone else between sizes (clothing)?

well naturally i'm a pretty built guy, not fat.. im fairly lean actually. and on top of that i used to work out but i haven't worked out in over a year. also it doesn't help that naturally i have a big ass for a guy..

i'm sure girls and guys who lift will identify with me the most..


i like wearing skinny jeans, so i need to buy a 32 waist just so that its not tight on my thighs. in reality i could fit a size 30 easily if it wasn't for my thighs and ass. so the jeans are always loose at the waist and fit nicely at the legs

then we have shirts. if i get a medium its too small, if i get a large it looks like a dress.

im writing this cause i got a got a new leather jacket from allsaints, and it fits good everywhere except for my arms and back. and again, the length is right how the fit should be, but its just a bit tight around.


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  • I'm not BETWEEN sizes, per say. But I have a 24inch waist and 37 inch bust, so I have to buy shirts that make me look pregnant because they actually go over my chest XD. But I tuck in the shirt and wear high-waisted bottoms and it works. ;)


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  • I'm the same. I generally have to more aware of the brand some brands are giant on me while others aren't. So try some other brands out.