How does hair affect attraction?

I am by no means into fashionable things purely for the sake of the fad, but. I enjoy having my hair pretty long you can look at my pic if you like. I keep it clean wash it everyday no nasty tangles or clumps xP but do girls like guys with long hair or is it a deal breaker?

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  • Dude, it just has to complement your facial features and you are good to go. You hair suits you, there it is attractive. Also, your face is attractive, so I guess that helps lol


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What Girls Said 2

  • Long hair can look awesome on a man. I ' ve seen men whose hair reach the middle of their back and they look good. I 'd suggest to leave them grow even longer, as long as they look healthy

    • Well my hair is no where near that long it comes just to where my back and neck meet

  • I have no preference where hair is concerned but for SOME REASON... My Gina gets alll warm and gooey when I see a man with long hair. I like it.

    • Well that's descriptive!!! xD

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    • Yes for sure... so like me... oh how like me.. for sure.. You're so smart to have me all figured out. How Smart! Like a fucking regular wise guy, really! :?

    • Look you can't go around gushing about your "gooey vag and not expect me to not think sexually that's like nudists wanting privacy!!! Our ain't gonna happen and it's just silly!!!

What Guys Said 1

  • It depends on the girl, I met a few who thinks guys should have buzzcuts only because it is a manly cut.

    • Yeah I don't know I've never actually talked to girls about it my ex loved playing with my hair constantly which puts me to sleep unless we are engaged in intimate activities either way I love it when girls play with my hair... But she loved it long or short didn't matter to her

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    • Yeah, it seems like girls like using blackmail against guys on things like that.
      Nice haha

    • Extortion, sorry my grammar Nazi kicking in... But yeah screw that if I know things my girl enjoys our appreciates I'll just do it when I can for her and usually when she asks like foot or hand massages, help brushing her hair or painting her nails, I don't understand most females but those extortionists just pmtfo

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