What to wear to the club when you don't want to send the wrong message?

I was invited to a fraternity party that will take place in a club, but I don't know if I want to go. I don't want to convey the wrong message, but I don't want to say no to the invite. I assume people under 21 can go since it also has a lounge area. Help?


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  • Nice jeans, a pair of wedges, a cute/flattering top and somewhat flashy make up.

    • Would leggings be okay? I hardly wear jeans lol.

    • Aw lawdy yes.

      Leggings are my jam.

      Or jeggings.

      They're leggings that look like jeans that have booty pockets and an elastic waist for beer bloating lol

    • Lol I think I'm going to stick with leggings, but will definitely invest in jeggings one of these days. :P

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  • Not revealing
    a dress that is classy