How can you tell if people find you attractive?

alright, without me putting pictures on here how would I be able to tell if a person/or people think I'm attractive?

what should I be noticing that tells me so-and-so thinks I'm good looking?

basically how do you know if you're good looking or not? it's not like people are gonna tell you to your face if you're ugly, average, cute or whatever so how would you know? social hints please?


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  • Pay attention to the people around you especially younger men they are the most obvious about showing there appreciation for a beautiful woman. There eyes will follow you around the room or they glance away quickly when you look up at them or the bolder ones will look you up and down.


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  • We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the

    qualities we possess. -Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard

    That being said, look into their eyes. Pupil dilation is a good indicator. It also indicates attraction. It'll be slight -- not like pupil dilation during climax to be sure,

    Hope this helps.



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  • it's about confidence...not what other people think.

    • I know but I want to know so I can have a realistic view of myself. I don't wanna be that ugly girl that thinks she's hot lol...or the hot girl that thinks she's ugly either