Should I buy a setting spray or a primer or both? And which product that affordable?

I am have an expensive foundation and blush so, what could make i want to see what product I can wear for cheap? Thnk


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  • I've always like primer better because it makes the skin look and feel softer underneath all the makeup. I have this primer that I've been trying out for a few months now. I got it at Target. I'm pretty sure it was an Elf product... Not sure... >.<


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  • Primer if you have visible pores or oily skin. Setting spray if you're gonna be in a very hot area or you plan on sweating.

  • A jouer anti blemish primer is worth the splurge

    • how so?

    • It keeps skin from getting oily under your makeup and it feels pearly and makes your skin really soft so your makeup goes on very even and also it prevents foundation lines. I love it

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