Sometimes I don't want to have sex because it takes too long. Is that weird? Any tips?

Sometimes I want to have sex but my boyfriend lasts like 40mins and I'm usually on top for most of it. I enjoy sex a lot. I want it but I don't want to do it for so long. I'd be happy for like 15-20mins.

Any tips?


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  • I'm like your boyfriend. It takes me way too long and it's frustrating.

    There may be ways you can help push him over the edge faster. In certain positions, she can play with my balls while I fuck her, and that gets me off much faster. Some guys, like me, love that, and some don't, so it's something you need to communicate about. I also enjoy her playing with my ass, and that really gets me off fast, but again, it varies.

    So communicate with him. He might be under the impression that longer sex is better for girls, which is often not actually the case. Ask him how you can get him off faster.

    • I'm not good at being gently and my boyfriend doesn't want me to go near his balls. Plus it isn't a thing for him.

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  • Foreplay? Like a few minuets if a handjob/blow job?

    • Yeah we do hand job for a few mins but we don't do much foreplay. Maybe that's a thing we should do.

  • Get him to stop watching p*rn and masturbating, if he does a lot of that he could be desensitized.
    p*rn makes your dick not fully erect when your having sex if you watch a lot of it and makes it take a long time to cum.
    If a dude gives up masturbation, especially to p*rn everything sexual gets more intense and is better.

    • He doesn't masturbate much. I do it more than him.

  • I don't like long sessions either. Short and sweet is the way to go

    The only way I can think of is he needs to be more turned on. So two ways. Changed you look lol or take bigger breaks of no sex. That way when you do have sex it's explosive and fast


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  • I had the same problem, and I did what @Amagi82 suggested and it works. He can still go for a long time on some occasions but that's because I want it to :)

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