Guys would rather you not wear any clothes?

i can't tell you how many times I go to the closet and look at my clothes and think "OK if I were a guy what would I like to see me in?"

it bothers me because sometimes wonder if they really notice?

My friend always says:" they don't care about the style your clothes have, they'd rather you wear non for all they care!"

Is this really true?i mean to a certain extent a guy really does care..right?

I mean most guys think about what their gonna wear (they just don't like to admit it)

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  • When I'm getting ready to go out somewhere I'll grab a pair of blue jeans and literally any shirt I have hanging up in my closet, without even looking at it. Anything goes with blue jeans so its all good. As far as when the girl is getting dressed, casual is best. When it looks like she put too much thought into it that's actually a turnoff to me.

    • I never really thought about it that way. haha the grab and go concept of guys wardrobes makes me jelous

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  • I think many men would find it liberating or would rather just be comfortable being nudist. As for women, we don't really often care what you wear, as long as it's cute and you enjoy wearing it. Or oftentimes we don't even notice. Were not as sophisticated when it comes to clothes as women.

  • I`ll be honest, I fall into the not caring category. I do have appreciation for girls who put so much effort in their appearance but I usually can`t tell, I`m sorry. Agreeing with someone below, casual is usually best. While I do appreciate girls who put effort in what they wear, if it goes beyond into them being stressed over it, then it`s just annoying.

  • Well I don't know about other guys but the girl who I talk to I noticed because she had style... actually the first thing I noticed was her smile, eyes, hair, and banging kicks.

  • im a guy , and most of us find it to complement a chick , basically cos we think that they'd think we like em when sometimes we don't , one thing I always notice is a change in hairstyle and its just to awkward to complement them. if ur really interested in being noticed by someone , go up and talk to em. generally if someone looks good , I assume they are a bitch , but if they randomly start talking to me , I can become interested in them instantly


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