Why do my friends think I'm ugly?

I was going to comb my hair and he was like "don't even bother." Then I have a friend who always points out this really ugly dude at walmart and is like "Hey he looks like you."

wth? I'm better looking than both of them. :/

Are they clueless?

I mean, I'm not gay, and I can tell who attractive guys are. Are some men completely clueless?


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  • Like how the anonymous has the guys to blare his mouth off but not show his identity.


    Your friends are being guys. We mess with each other all the time. Yes it can be insensitive but don't take it seriously. They aren't clueless, they're just pulling your leg. Picking on you.

    If it really bothers you so much, speak up.

  • Well your friends are probably messing with you. But you sound conceited when you say how good looking you are soooo yea...