How can I not get so shy around cute guys?

People tell me I'm really cute, but I have always dated not-so-good-looking guys in the past, because I get WAY TOO shy around guys who I think are really cute!

Are there any shy and/or nice guys out there who are really good looking, or does being good looking automatically make a guy a player or a flirt?


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  • Well if a guy is good-looking, he will usually get a lot of positive attention from girls, which more often than not will lead to his ego inflating and eventually he realizes his "power" and exploits it (being a guy, I wouldn't blame him for doing so). Are there good natured, respectable good-looking guys out there? Of course there are, but it is a generalization to say that all good-looking guys are players, or that shy/nice guys aren't good-looking. And of course the perception of physical attraction will differ from person to person.

    It's all about self-confidence, which is hard to describe and impossible to explain how to obtain. But it sort of centers on being comfortable with who you are and everything about you. People usually get shy around the opposite sex they find attractive because they have self doubts about what they will think of them or if they are "good enough." My suggestion would be to just remind yourself that you are good enough, and that you're equal to anyone else you meet so there's no reason to be nervous or worry about what they'll think of you. Because if you don't speak up or give them an opportunity to meet you, you're depriving them of even the chance of getting to know you.


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