When/why will girls make direct eye contact with guys?

Recently I've noticed girls will make eye contact with me and give a kind of smirk/smile (only occasionally). I can't tell if I'm just looking too much into this or I just have not engaged in eye contact with many girls. It may sound unconfident, but I just never really experienced girls flirting with me much, so the idea of these girls "checking me out" is kinda hard to believe (I've just never really had girls do this). Like tonight I went to a bar with my friend and a female friend of his, and when we'd all be laughing together she would make direct eye contact and smile/laugh. And the other day, on my college campus I went into the library entrance and waited for this cute girl behind me to catch up so I didn't close the door in her face and she threw me a really bright smile and said a kind of emphasized thank-you giggle.

Maybe I'm just not used to positive female attention (I don't have any good female friends), so when will girls make eye contact and smile at a guy? Just to be polite/friendly, or more when they are flirting?


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  • It's usually just to be friendly, especially if it's just a one time thing. But if a girl is having multiple conversations with you and kind of gazing at you the whole time, or looking up at you briefly, then looking away quickly and blushing and smiling, then that would be more like flirting :)

  • Sometimes to be polite and friendly, definitely. Though for the last girl, either she was in a good, confident mood (sometimes I act "flirtly" if I'm having a really awesome day, completely on accident) or more likely, you're more attractive than you think.


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