Is my haircut bad?

Well recently i had a new haircut, and some people in school (im 16 years old, so high school) noticed it (they said like: do you have a new haircut?). Even a girl said that to me, but she just asked that, and didn't say anything else (no compliment). Does that mean she doesn't like my haircut, or is just too shy to say its nice. Soms guys said it looked good so it mustnt be bad.

I like that girl by the way.

So do you think she is top shy or she doesn't like it?

Any more opinions?
Any more? :p


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  • She probably likes it.

    • She said it in a kind of soft voice (her voice sounded a little bit higher than usual), if that matters

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    • She might smile, go red, just look down and be too shy for eye contact. Depends on how confident or shy she usually is really.

    • Ok thanks, ill tell you on Friday how it went ;)

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  • I think she liked it

  • she probably noticed it, and likes it but doesn't want to say that. i think she does like it


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