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I have a mole on the bottom of my chin its big I guess smaller than a dime.Do you think it is disgusting or what. I am currently in high school and am self conscious about it

It is flat and doesn't have hair on it.


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  • I have a mole above my lip area. Like Cindy Crawford but a little bigger and not as cute! I hate it. Others don't... I guess I am not sure what they really think though! I see them looking at it when we talk though. I am self concious as well, afterall, they are staring at the darn thing. I should as well as you just look in to getting the freaking thing removed! Because as much as we could try to be confident and find the beauty in it, which it may be, it's hard to. Talk to your parents about it, see if maybe you can get it removed.

    But is it unattractive? That's a hard question without seeing it. Some are and some aren't!


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  • AS long as it's flat an not hairy ;)

    but for real, I think it may be like your personal "style" or thing... Be confident about it!

    Also make sure it's not cancerous or anything right?

  • yuah if its a little smaller then a dime it is discusting & the fact that your in high skul makes it even worse because kids your age make front of dirt on the floor that's how imature they appear to be.

  • No it is not disgusting. Actually, that is the kind of thing that could be cute.


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