Girls and Guys: Pick My Next Suit?

I'm buying a new suit and like any threshold in my life I need your help picking the best color.

What will pull your heart strings?
Will it be Charcoal?
Or Maybe the Elusive Navy?

I've gotten pictures of the same guy so ladies please keep your dick in your pants, thanks!!

As the great Barney Stinson once said: SUIT UP!!

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I need more input fellow gagers :D
Once again!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • For what occasions do you expect to wear it?
    Personally I would say the charcole is the most versetile if you want a general wedding/funeral/interview/date/etc suit.
    The light grey is always smart as a day suit, and with the right accessories can be great for special occasions, but is substantially less smart from a funeral or interview stand point (depending on the job).
    Plain navy (without pin stripe) is for car salesmen and politicians. Basically the feckless.
    I also advocate that while it's good to have a matched three piece, generally having a choice of waistcoats is good. The matched 3piece looks a little stuffy for certain occasions... and a bit too 'off the rail' to really impress when you arnt going for super-smart.

    • I'm looking for an any occasion kind of thing. So from that looks like I should get a charcoal suit.
      Thanks for the advice, very helpful!

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What Girls Said 2

  • Zac Efron? My dick doesn't respond to him anyway.
    I was between charcoal and navy, but voted for charcoal because I love vests. And charcoal is an easier color.

    • Haha I'll have to be more considerate to your dick next time :P
      I'd get the vest either way lol it was only to show the color pattern lol
      When you say charcoal is an easier color what do you mean?

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    • Oh I see that makes sense it's more of a neutral color so it goes with more things :)

      My apologies to your penis here is a gift for your troubles :D

    • Haha, thank you!

  • the third is 404 not found
    the suits dont look much different, go for the cheapest one, no one will know, make sure it fits good though


What Guys Said 3

  • Charcoal Suit... But for me I like blue pin stripe suit

    • That is a nice choice! They say it also makes younger guys look a bit older. Just Navy makes older men seem younger.

      The pinstripe is nice but I like lighter patterns on the jacket.
      Thanks for the input!

    • You are very welcome

  • dude you're still a young boy,... why you wanna wear a... suit (bleh...) ?

    you're not middle-aged :-P

    • You should get one too lol stop being so against the norms

    • why should i?

      i don't want to look like a middle-aged man

    • and most youngsters don't wear a suit... so it's not the norm

  • 1|0
    • Lol I should have known someone would bring that in here haha