Would he not ask me out because I am not the hottest person?

The guy I like I have known since we were 5. He knows me and he know I have a good personality. I also think he almost certainly likes me back. He is athletic, the complete opposite of me and he hangs around other athletic people; the kind that say dude that one girl is so hot. While I have heard this guy I like talk about celebrities being hot, I have never heard him talk about girls at my school. Now I am not "hot" or gorgeous or beautiful. But I am definitely not ugly. The guy I like called me good looking once too (not to me to some guys in his class). But if he likes me why wouldn't he ask me out? Is it because I am not the hottest girl in school and is he afraid his friends would make fun of him because I am not the hottest thing in school? I know how important stuff like that is to guys, but would something like me not being the hottest girl cause him to not ask me out?


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  • I think its still very possible for him to ask you out. I don't think you are in the friend zone, I think he is afraid if he asks you out and you say no - he won't be friends with you anymore. I think you need to take things slowly with him so he knows that you feel the same way. Just start doing stuff with him, guys DO NOT decide to go out with girls based soley off of their looks. I have chosen less hot girls over hotter ones because I connected with the less hot ones and really felt something for them.

    I would say let things start off as friends and just start doing things like going to the movies with him, etc. He's probably just scared of losing you more than anything, just ease into the relationship and you should be fine.


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  • I don't think that's the case. Since you've known each other so long he might see you as more friend then dating material. Even if that's not the case it can't hurt to be more flirty with him. If he told his friends he thinks your good looking then trust me he thinks your definitely dateable. Guys generally tell their male friends exactly what they think of a girl.

    If your worried that you need to be the hottest girl for him to ask you out. Def not the case. Guys talk big with their friends (especially in high school) and actually do whatever they want when it comes to dating.

    Just be more friendly and openly flirty. He'll get it ; )


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  • I agree with Jon.

    You guys have known each other for a REALLY long time. It could be that you have just always been a friend to him. Sure, he may think you are good looking but it may not be anything more then that.

    However, there is a chance that because you've known each other that long is that he's afraid to tell you how he feels because you may not feel the same way.

    I'd talk to him. But I'll warn you, even if he likes you or doesn't like you, things will never be the same between you. So choose what you want to do wisely.