Why does my girlfriend not think that I am physically attracted to her?

My girlfriend is very good looking. Everyone always states so to me and her as well. She is a freaking model for goodness sakes.

I thought that my attraction to her had always been obvious. Until now.

She somehow thinks that she is not my type but we just have chemistry and she knows she is physically attracted to me.

I tell her regularly but she doesn't really feel so deep down.

How do I help her understand that I find her very attractive?


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  • There are different types of attractiveness. I would doubt that she thinks that she has a flabby butt and mummy skin, but, much as happens with rich people who are not 100% sure about their friends, a girl who has been sexy/attractive her whole life will have doubts about her underlying quality.

    Most people aren't so attractive that others will hang around even if they don't like them. But when it comes to a sexy woman, most men will put up with all kinds of bs to get laid, regardless of what they think of her. The less cognitively developed among that group of gals turns that to their advantage and ends up developing such a nasty personality that even Cesar Millan might struggle to set her straight.

    But the more introspective question their relationships and look to find out if the guy really cares for them underneath the surface. In such a case, she would probably be more convinced, though not necessarily more receptive outwardly, by compliments about her personality, intelligence, and soul. Those are the essence of a person, the rest being our good old meat suit.


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  • This is easy. Some women need action, not just talk. Figure out something creative that will show her off. Take her to the lake, or beach and do your own photo shoot there together. Something that requires her. Do a black and white photo shoot of her in your home. Remember to keep it classy larry flynt jr. There's a fine line between erotic and tasteful and pornographic and vulgar. Make her feel desired. If she's a model. Shell know what to do. No matter what, make it fun

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