How much did your wedding dress cost?

I was just curious to see what the average nice wedding dress cost. Did you buy it or rent it? Feel free to include pictures.

  • under $200
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  • $200-$500
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  • $500-$1000
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  • $1000-$2000
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  • More than $2000
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  • I think that it was about $1800. in 1990


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  • I don't know what it is in $ but I spent Ā£ 5000 on a friends dress as her family haven't got the money to spend on the dress or wedding so let them have the wedding at my country estate free off charge and use my staff etc As I had not met the boy yet.

    • $9629.33 that is how many Canadian dollars that is! :p haha wow... you are a great friend.

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    • haha very nice :)

    • I try to be

What Girls Said 3

  • Mine is irreplaceable, it is the same one my Mom wore when she married my Dad!

    I tried on like a million dresses, my Mom was loving it so much, dressing up her little blonde Barbie doll. I was just so tired of it all, I just couldn't find that perfect "Princess" dress, but I always loved my Mom's dress. I just asked her why we couldn't do that, she made a big deal of passing on her gown to me.

    I'm having some minor alterations, bead work and doodads added to make it mine. Still it's ours, Mom's and mine it will be our memory to hold onto, hopefully I or my brothers will have a little "princess" to pass Grandma's wedding dress to. I think my Mom said when she got it it was $300 - $400 to me it's priceless!

  • I'm not married but I just planned to rent one for my wedding day

  • I'm not married but I want a pnina tornai and those get pricey.

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