Is it possible to like someone who is not your type?

Is that even possible? I am just wondering about this.

I don't think i'm the type of girl the guy i like normally goes for. He says he doesn't have a type but on his instagram, he does follow certain types of girls. Well, I don't know what he likes but he is attracted to girls who are not like me at all. They have big butts, and dress provocatively, have big boobs, and have tons of friends. Kind of like kim kardashian type of girls.

And i have big boobs, but my butt isn't that big. its normal sized. I'm quiet but likable, according to most people. He always says i'm a dork. I am always described as cute and sweet. People think i am funny, and sometimes clever, but awkward at other times. I'm shy but i guess pretty cool after i get comfortable. I dont show much skin. I don't feel like i need it though. i have the boobs. they're obviously there so i dont feel a need to show them. I guess, i dress more conservatively, sort of like taylor swift, or zoey deschanel. nothing like those girls he's into. i talk to a fair amount of people, but i dont have too many friends. i can't keep up with that many people. i dont mind it though.

The guy seems like he has some sort of interest in me, but im not sure. I still think that maybe im just not the type of girl he likes so he wouldn't take me seriously? im not going to change myself for him by the way. i'm also not talking about attraction here. you can be attracted to whomever. it just happens. im talking about actual feelings.


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  • It's irrelevant what someone thinks their "type" is. Attraction isn't a choice, it's just natural. You either feel physically attracted to someone or you don't, but you can't force it. It's the same with chemistry. I think it's better not to set yourself a type but to go with your instincts instead. You can't control who you fall for.


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  • Everybody has a "type" when they're just sitting at home thinking about ideal physical features. But when you're out there meeting people, everything else comes into play.

    My "type" is thick/chubby. But I've liked plenty of girls who were pretty slim.

  • It can happen they drop weight, fix there hair they impress me with there brain power that bend over backwards for me. Maybe


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