How do you get a job at MAC makeup counter?

I want to be a makeup artist and I love MAC cosmetics. Has anyone ever worked for MAC? If so, how did you get the job? Do I need to have a college degree or go to beauty school for a few years first?


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  • i would suggest getting a certificate in cosmetology from a trade school or getting a job at Claires or at the makeup counter in a CVS or something, just to get some credentials. you can't a job selling clothes at Gucci or Chanel without spending some time working at Macy's and before that, working in Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 lol. you gotta work your way up to the more status-y jobs.


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  • I would work at a make-up store like Ulta or Sephora. You don't need any degree to work there if you just want to be a cashier. However, if you want to be a consultant of some kind then you probably do need to go to beauty school.

    Right now actually, I work at a drug store (Rite Aid). While I'm not always working in the make-up section because I'm a cashier, I still get a 20% discount (which is pretty nice for all those expensive cosmetic products!)

  • To be a makeup artist you need to get qualifications and become a beautician first.

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