I feel very very ugly for some reason and even though I know I'm pretty no one ever tells me so!!

I Guess I just need some reassurance or something. I'm 20 blue eyes blond hair short only 4'10 small body and guys just don't seem to like me. I'm a nice girl and I try to help people in every way possible but theirs something wrong I feel like with me.


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  • You sound attractive. Just be patient, I'm sure your prince charming is out there looking for you.

    • I have a boyfriend right now I just sometimes feel like there's something missing.

    • Something missing? Like what?

    • Yes what is it that you feel is missing .tel us.

  • Hey dear...you must be looking good no need of assurance...just you moved in your way right man at right time comes to you...you have abeauty of hear tnad beauty of thoughts very few peoples have it...so keep doing good things...you are not my place other wise I love to have a friendship with you.


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