What things make a guy sexy?

Clothes, actions, etc

not things to do with body and face that cannot be changed please

good answers so far :) just curious :P I don't get the thing about clothes cos I know girls who only like guys who dress in a certain way (which I thing is ridiculous btw) and for girls who like skinnies and graphic tees or whatever then is this...
something all girls like or is it something you like? cos I do not and will not own a pair of skinny jeans.


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  • I'm going to make a list... that's what this question seems to be asking anyways, and a paragraph-long answer that's really just a list is annoying to read through.

    -good, confident posture that shows athleticism and fitness

    -this one's a little strange but in clothing I prefer neutral-type colors like navy, red, black, grey, tan, and white

    -not overly cocky or aggressive, yet confident and secure


    -generous and kind


    -funny, but not in a crass way


    -expresses their emotions; not overly aloof or "cool"

    -plays sports

    -original in thought and action

    -good with children is quite enamoring

    -when he looks at you he smiles at YOU, not at his thoughts of you naked


    -doesn't judge people based on social status

    -doesn't feel a need to prove himself

    -smiles and laughs a lot

    -easy-going but not lazy

    I guess I'm kind of different from the other girls on here in that I prefer preppy/athletic guys, as opposed to emo/punk/skater/scene whatever you want to call it. Basically, I am NOT attracted to guys who wear skinny jeans AT ALL. So don't worry, it's definitely not something that all girls like.


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  • The number on thing: Confidence. Hands downs. If they know what they want and how to get it, (but aren't cocky) that is really luring & attractive.

    But in addition to that, I guess I would say a guy that smiles a lot... not that 'tough guy' smile most guys do, but that smile with teeth. lol I don't know if that makes sense.

    Also, a guy that can cook good. Mmm that is definitely sexy.

  • Confidence. That's the hottest thing anyone can have, in my opinion.

    As far as clothes go, it really depends on the guy. If you're country, dress country, etc. Whatever YOU like to wear that makes YOU feel good/comfortable will make you feel confident and act accordingly :)

    • If you don't want to wear skinny jeans then don't! If a girl only likes guys who wear skinny jeans then 1) she's a moron because you should judge simply by clothes and 2) she's not for you because obviously you disagree on the matter. Just stick with the syle you like best

    • Haha thanks. I was just curious tbh :)

  • Personality wise -- confidence, a good sense of humor, someone who is unique and doesn't simply try to "fit in." If you have a special talent, for instance in music, art, athletics, and so on, lots of girls admire that.

    Clothing -- I'll be honest, a guy's style matters to me, but not in the way you might think. If I can look at him and classify him as preppy, emo, G, or whatever, I'm instantly turned off. I think it's a good thing you won't wear skinny jeans, I think they look ridiculous on guys. (Alternately, so do overly baggy jeans.) Just wear what you're comfortable in, regardless of the people you hang with, the music you listen to, or whatever, and I can respect that. Like I said before, someone that is overly concerned with fitting in is just annoying.

    As for your update -- yeah, some girls will only like guys who dress a certain style. Don't worry about them, as they very likely would not be a good match for you.

  • his swagger, oh my lord the way a guy carries himself will pretty much get me every time. like if he calm, cool, and collected, turns me the F**K ON!

  • When a guy is in his bathing suit and you could see those curves that cut off between his hips and his di**, its very hot.

  • Cooking, and as one of the Anons said, Passion. Sexy as hell =]

    But the biggest thing is confidence.


    Rlly? I don't know xD

    I'm attracted to skinnies and the graphic tees, dayum sexy ;]

    But rlly, it depends on the guy. If they can pull it off, if yu look good in it, if that's the kind of person yu are ya know? But I guess if you're comfortable in it, it's all good =]

    • Do you think most girls like skinnies and graphic tees? or does each girl have their own preference?

    • Everyone has their own preferences. You really shouldn't worry about the clothes so much. You can rock any style as long as you believe you can. xD

    • Hahah, yes as uh...The Fat Twig (Thinking, ytf is it called Fat Twig xD) The clohs don't rlly matter, as along as they arn't like, dirty and full of stains :P

      But I prefer the skinnies and grapic-tees, but everyone has their own preference. =]

  • Passion.

    I know a guy who's worked in the car industry all his life. And when he talks about cars, I can see the fire in his eyes. It's sexy as hell.

    A smile.

    When a guy gives me a smile that's slightly different from his usual smile to everybody else... That's sexy.

    • Haha my passion used to be video games but then I kinda went off em and my work kinda passion is physics lol so that could never sound or look sexy.

      however, my girl sometimes gets stuck with stuff in college and I teach her, is that sexy ever or just nice?

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    • I love technology too and I wouldn't say that's geeky as technology is so mainstream, you might be a go to guy for many people and girls could admire this because they see people going to you for advice and trusting what you tell them, no matter what it's about, it's probably a turn on that you are trusted and respected about something

    • Wow nice answer


      and yea some people do come to me to vent/advice

      i encourage them to.

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