Would you wear these pants?

Or do you think they look good on her?


@Illusive_man I completely agree with you AND you cracked me up!
@nert73 You gave a thorough and detailed answer. Thanks.


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  • I would not wear those just because I hate wearing skinny jeans and I only like denim-colored denim (not crazy, bright colors. Just the normal blue jeans). As far as them looking good on her, I'm not going to give an opinion on that because I'm straight and I don't like those pants.


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  • Me?
    No lol
    Do they look good on her , oh gees she can wear a hula skirt and look good but DAMN forget about finding a comfortable chair to sit on , she's gonna need a scaffolding crew to build her one.


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  • You have great taste. Love her figure, first of all. Secondly, yes I would wear them. I love leggings and skinny jeans and even as a bigger girl I am not afraid at all to wear them. I do not own any colored jeans or leggings. I own mostly black, dark denim and a few brown or khaki colored, but I am not opposed to them. As I lose more weight and build a new wardrobe I would probably include more colors.

  • omg I'm following her. And they're just regular skinny jeans, her ass and hips are just so huge they make them look weird


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