Full forearm tattoo?

I feel like getting a tattoo from my wrist to elbow. Do you guys think that's a bit much? Whats your opinion of tattoos?

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  • It depends. Do you know what you want to do for a living? In some businesses they don't accept people with tattoos. A tattoo in the whole forearm is too difficult to cover if needed. And if it's your first tattoo, you 'd better start with something small. Most people regret their first tattoo.

    • Studying to become a paramedic atm. yeah I understand that your view tbh yeah now that i think about it forearm seem a bit too in your face. what do you think about one on the chest like a pec tat?

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    • It's easier to hide and you can have a small tattoo and then expand it. It's usually a place to do an impostant tattoo, because it's close to the heart. They are considered painful, unless you haqve a lot of muscle or body fat. It's less possible to get affected by aging and gaining or loosing weight

    • thanks for mho!

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  • Nope! as you grow older and older those tattoos make you feel regret.


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  • That's going to be really expensive; you might regret it one day.

  • The only tattoos that I think look good on guys are cultural and military ones.

  • What happens when you want to roll up your sleeves? If you need to get one, get it where it cannot be seen in everyday dress.