Why do people care if girls wear yoga pants?


The girl above is a random girl that another girl from Twitter, took a picture of and made fun of her. The girl who took the picture said girls should NEVER wear yoga pants in public.

Why is this? I think people should be allowed to wear whatever they want!

@Anonymous I rarely select anonymous answers but you cracked me up lol.
@emilyg25 I couldn't have said it better myself.


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  • I agree with you 100%
    #1 If she's okay with wearing them more the power to her
    #2 What she's wearing isn't going to change the way she looks
    #3 If you don't like it don't look!

    People are just cruel with too much time on their hands.

    • This girl I used to work with was even blaming RAPE on yoga pants. Saying girls should stop wearing yoga pants so they won't get raped.

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    • Should be true, yet it still happens unfortunately.
      But like you said, for most people it is common sense. If you're rapping someone you know the difference and are just a horrible excuse for a human.

    • Thanks for the MH!
      And just noticing now that I spelt "raping" wrong haha. Oops :P

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  • I don't think that going out with yoga pants is a bad thing. What is bad, is to wear clothes that don't look good on you

  • There's nothing wrong with yoga pants. people need to stop being so concerned with other people wardrobe. However yoga pants are not flattering that girls lopsided behind at all

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with yoga pants.. some people see it as a girl trying to show off her ass but I see it as not looking fat (ie:wearing sweatpants) while staying comfy

  • Well my boyfriend was telling me he read that they want to ban wearing yoga pants in public, in some states, i think.
    I think that wearing yoga pants is not bad, if you are working out, or just worked out. But if you are wearing yoga pants as in like your day to day "outfit" and you wear them out with a casual, dressy blouse, then that's just wrong! Yoga pants are for exercising, if you don't exercise, why even buy/wear them?


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