What does it mean when a guy picks on you?

When a guy picks you out of everyone to joke around with in the group your in what does that mean? like there is this guys I really like and he will like come up to me and start like joking around with me, or he will walk in on the group and ask a question and then like joke around with me when everyone is watching and like picks me out a whole group to do this to, and does not do it to anyone else I am with. What does this mean?

Ok examples:

I was with a bunch of friends hanging out at a party and we went into the basement and the only movie that there was, was a G rated movie and I think it was like Veggie tales or something...( It was an adult-little kid party, so there were little kids and teens as well as adults.) But anyways so we sat down and watched this movie with the toddlers. Then he came down stairs and he was all like " Why are you guys watching this?" and we started laughing and shrugged, and than he looked at me and started teasing me about, and jokingly blaming me about watching this movie. But like it was in a joking manner, its just confusing because he does it all the time, and its not like I mind it at all, I like the attention but what do you make of it?

Thanks! :)


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  • Since it seems to you that he always picks on you specifically, I'd say he's (immaturely) saying he likes you... Start flirtatiously teasing him back and see how it goes from there!