What girls see in boy?

Like his hair style,his personality,his height or weight,his skin color ,his wealth,his intelligence etc.


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  • For most girls, it's the guy's personality they most look for. To me and for most girls I know height, skin colour and wealth don't matter. Although looks do play a part (and what every girl likes differs), its more the personality and how he acts towards them that counts.


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  • To me its not so much about what they look like, but rather they way they act; how they make me feel, if we have things in common, how he treats other people, just his general 'aura' I guess. And I tend to find that if I do like WHO he is, there is something about his body and I kinda click it together with an association of him.


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  • Haha I have asked myself this question before too. And I have come up with this answer.

    What do us guys find attractive in a girl top 5 things. Ok reverse that list and that is what girls find attractive in us.

    Girls like sense of humor, confidence, success, and how you make the women feel. Be nice to them compliment them, make them feel secure and safe. That is what it means to be a man.

    If a girl likes you because of your hair color or what car you drive she is not into YOU but into superficial things.